Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Withdrawal from Splenda

It's Wednesday and I'm still in my first week of Splenda Withdrawal. About a month ago my wife, Patricia, was at a Bread Beckers meeting. That's an organic food group that gets together to mill their own wheat and swap recipes and ideas and stuff. She was discussing the never ending battle of the buldge we seem to have and our struggle to eat healthy. Somehow the subject of what sweetener we use came up. Patricia told them Splenda and the whole room stopped and collectively gasped. Seems that through all the research that they have come up with the reason that Splenda has no calories is because it is not absorbed into your body. The Splenda people will tell you it passes through your body without being absorbed. Experts will tell you that it neither is absorbed or passed through but collects in your body because you body doesn't recognize it. Because of this your body stores what is esentially Cholride, chlorine or some other poison as fat. I am told that this is why I am fat and feel bad. So I can attribute all of my problems to Splenda. I wonder if I could start a class action lawsuit? I guess I would have the energy to take on such a feat if I weren't being slowly poisoned by the artificial sweetener industry!
So..........this is the deal. I have been reading this book by Ben Lerner called "One Minute Wellness". It's mostly about eating food by God and limiting food that is manmade. I really felt conficted about the way I eat. One of the things he said that we need to stop eatting for ourselves and eat for the ones we love; wives, children, God. I don't make wise choices and I will have to admit that when I sit down late at night with cookies and milk that I don't do a "checkup from the neck up" to see if I am honoring God with what I am doing. Am I really eating like I want to grow old and see my children live healthy, happy, productive lives? Do I eat so that I can grow old with my wife and best freind or beat her in the race to heaven?
My weight affects every part of my life. It makes me feel unworthy. Unworthy of friendship, unworthy of the life I deserve and unworthy of God's love. It's rediculous I know but it's the way I feel. I feel like as much as I preach to people about staying clean and close and how our lives are our worship that I should be able to get a handle on this weight issue.
Back to my Splenda issues. I am officially off of the poison know as Splenda. I am still drinking diet drinks containing Nutrasweet. I figured one poison at a time. I promised the people at work that I would wait until the weekend to undertake the detoxification process with Diet Drinks altogether. I will be one more cranky man.
I know God will help me get through it but God didn't get me in this mess. He outlined the way we should eat in the Bible and I chose to neglect it and eat like the gravy sucking pig that I am.
I have been trying to make small changes in my eating habit. I have sworn off of white bread, white pasta, white rice and am only eating whole grains and lots more vegetables. I did fall off the wagon and have a double cheesburger from Wendy's. Oh, and fries. But I followed it with a Diet Coke. That's ok, right? Anyway, I will keep a record of my progress.

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